Our communities of Heroes

Through our uniquely engaging media platforms and mobile apps, more than 600,000 people are being rewarded for their exercise. 

Our community is inspired to train with fresh challenges from a range of partners each week. Our communities can make the physical philanthropic by converting their kilometres of exercise to charity donations. There's extra motivation along the journey through the stories we share on our blog. Ticking away in the background are points to reward everyone's exercise - like frequent flyer points, earned for running, cycling, or skiing, and redeemed on amazing offers available exclusively to our Heroes.

We think everyone is a Hero, but sometimes we all need a little extra push to keep that cape on.


How does it work?


Connect your tracking app or GPS watch


Automatically earn points while you train


Use your points and get rewarded



Our media platforms offer your brand 3 ways to engage with our communities:


Challenge the community


Tell your story and inspire


Offer a reward, make a difference


They reward our members


Case studies


To develop the ASICS FrontRunner community in France, we animated and engaged their runners through diverse activations on our platform surrounding their common passion: running.


To help runners remember Nike's running heritage, we created a 15-part content series to tell the incredible Nike running story to selected segments of our communities.


To celebrate the launch of the new Parrot sport drone, we produced an inspirational video of our Running Heroes community from a birds-eye view. Running is beautiful.