UNITED HEROES: wellness program for employee engagement

Sport has always been a great vehicle to engage and excite employees in the workplace. However, with logistical and budgetary constraints and a lack of flexibility, HR Managers often struggle with organising large team events based around exercise. 

This is what we aim to change. Our platforms offer an ongoing solution for all employees, in all locations, of all fitness levels.

Sport Heroes Group evaluates your business needs, and recommends a tailored solution, based on your specific objectives and the size of your company. From the creation of a new event with a charity, to a 12 month-long program with employees organised in teams - you will own your wellness program.


How does it work?

1. We create you HR Wellness solution that fits your organisation

2. Simple user registration with your phone or GPS watch

3. Your employees are engaged with challenges

4. They get rewarded with gifts or unlock charity donations


Case studies


Uniting Air France employees behind the Aviation Without Borders cause to raise funds for the charity through exercise.

3 charity projects financed

Participants: 2,200

A worldwide race by L'Occitane, covering 300,000 km between teams to help UNICEF prevent childhood blindness in 100,000 children.

Countries: 40

Participants: 3,500

Be part of a unique corporate Championship and represent your team to become the most active company within your industry.

Companies: 58

Participants: 1,500