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Our manifesto

We believe in the power of sport as a tool for a better life, lived with more intensity and vigour. Our goal is to create innovative digital sport experiences to unite communities and motivate the masses to exercise more


We've invented Connected Races

Organising any large scale sport event means plenty of logistical headaches. What if it was possible to simply and effectively organise an event spanning across the world, with unlimited participants? We built 'Connected Races' to do just that; allowing brands, corporates, and public organisations to seamlessly set up a cutting edge digital event, to engage active audiences anywhere.

A new breed of media

Our belief is the best way to motivate people to practice sport is to inspire them through rewarding. We have created communities of Heroes (Running, Cycling and Skiing) to reward athletes for their training thanks to our 300+ partner brands.

300+ customers

spread across industries


Cool Vendor Gartner 2015

Market recognition

" Marketing executives of consumer brands are looking for new ways to interact with potential customers and to keep existing customers loyal. They should investigate Sport Heroes Group as a partner. Additionally, corporates and organisations looking at building better teams should also investigate the Connected Race approach. "


We live and breathe sport