The corporate sport experience serving stimulating HR policies

Our connected experiences concept offers new possibilities to strengthen cohesion and well-being at work.

This 100% digital programme is designed for all employees, all jobs, all business units, all countries
and can be deployed punctually or be used as an internal management tool, accessible all year long.

Your employees benefit from the platform,
and so do you:

  • Stimulate
    team spirit

  • Strengthen the feeling
    of belonging
    to a company

  • Encourage your employees
    to practice a physical activity

  • Create a unique
    team building tool
    designed for your company

  • Share a positive
    and attractive image
    to attract young talent

Our connected experiences:

Un événement connecté inédit pour
les 40 ans de L’Occitane

Naturex engage ses 1700 employés
dans une course 100% responsable