Our Communities

The sporting efforts are rewarded by brands

Thanks to a points system that our members cumulate as they train, our connected athletes access rewards,
gifts and discounts offered by big brands.

Historical activity of the start-up, with the Running Heroes platform,
this effort rewarding programme put the brands in a positive and innovative relationship with the 400.000 athletes of our running,
cycling and skiing communities.

This rewarding programme is available
in France, the UK
and Australia.

Our community benefits
from our platform, and
so do you:

  • Access to a very qualified audience

  • Creation of a positive and innovative relationship with athletes

  • Acquisition of new clients

How can you work with us?

  • 1. Define a reward
    and a challenge
    for our
    community in order to
    reach it

  • 2. Creation of content
    in order to engage
    our community

    around your challenge

  • 3. Diffusion on our
    communication channels

    (website, newsletter, blog,
    facebook, twitter, instagram)

  • 4. Reporting of the campaign
    tailor made to your KPI
    (acquisition, positioning,
    brand awareness..)

Our successful partnerships

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